Talent Concept

Talent Concept
Respect for knowledge, experts Zhichang, Zhiren, people, employing, life.
Know  people: understand people, understand people, respect for people, not  only know the table, but also to know the potential of people.
People: good reason to fail, to encourage extraordinary innovation.
Employee:  for each employee to provide the stage to display their talents, to  create learning, development, promotion opportunities.
Life: Yichengxiangdai, and people for the good, empathy, the pursuit of win-win situation.

Employee strategy
Internal culture combined with external introduction.
To the competitive treatment and broad prospects for the development of industry talents to attract talent.
Establish a sound human resources management system for the future development of Parkson training and reserve talent.
Focusing  on the long-term development of Parkson, for the construction of energy  saving, environmental protection and efficient world-class enterprise  training personnel.