Integrity Parkson


people oriented
       It  is a kind of value orientation, emphasizing respect for the people, the  liberation of people, relying on people and the people and the people  in the social and historical development of the main role and status; For people; it is a way of thinking, that is, in the analysis and  solve all problems, it is necessary to adhere to the scale of history,  but also adhere to the scale of people.
Clean manufacturing
        Safety  production is the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of  the people, the reform and development and stability of the overall  situation, has always been the party and the state attaches great  importance. Employees as a leading force in economic activities, is a direct participant in safe production. The  relationship between safety and production of workers and the safety of  life and property, the relationship between the development of the  overall situation of stability. Therefore, to do a safe development, we must do "people-oriented."
Energy conservation and sustainable development
       Energy-saving  emission reduction is a major step forward in China's major government  initiatives and the focus of social concern, its significance. Deep  energy conservation and enhanced emission reduction is the main theme  of the problem of energy shortages and global warming, is the only way  for human sustainable development. Adhere to energy saving and emission reduction, improve the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources. Parkson  biological energy-saving emission reduction and structural adjustment  closely together, decisively eliminated a number of backward technology,  resource utilization efficiency is low, security risks outstanding  technology, equipment and equipment, while invest heavily in expanding  pollution control facilities, pollutant control level substantial improvement. To  ensure that Parkson biological in the scale of production continues to  expand, to achieve the goal of continuous improvement of environmental  indicators